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In the summer of 2011 I did a 3 month summer placement at the Korea Institute of Energy Research, organised by IAESTE. It was an amazing experience and I gained so much from it. My old website had quite a few blog posts written while I was there. I have decided to archive them to enjoy reading in the future but have taken them offline after transferring to a new website design. However, there was one page about dojangs (stone stamps) that was reasonably popular because there is not a huge amount of information about the lovely little shop in Seoul that does them. I have recreated that post here so the information is not lost to the ages!


The Korea IAESTE Students 2011… back when I had lots of hair!

In East Asia there is a strong tradition of having a personal name stamp that is used as a signature on official documents. Nowadays hand written and electronic signatures are very common but many people still have their own stamp.

In Korea name stamps/chops/seals are called dojangs (도장). When I got to know a little bit more about them I knew I wanted one. They are the ideal souvenir: almost practical, small, will last forever and beautiful. Also, they are not tacky.

After searching the internet I knew exactly where I wanted to get mine, Myung Sin Dang. A number of bloggers have been to that shop and all the experiences were positive.

Since I was heading to Seoul for the weekend anyway I decided to drop by on Friday. I’ve been to Insadong before but I missed Myung Sin Dang the first time because It’s a little bit hidden. However, this time I knew what I was looking for and found it soon enough.

I took some photos and videos of the process.

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