sub-2 hours Ae Red Route on a unicycle

One of my unicycling goals has been to do the whole red route (no sneaky shortcuts) in less than two hours. Unlike the two-wheel cyclists on Strava I start the clock from the car park next to the cafe, not the one along the short drive. This is not so I have an excuse for the extra minutes on my time compared to theirs, it’s because my parents like to have their lunch at the cafe! I will do a longer unicycling post sometime soon but I wanted to test out the fancy new GPX viewer I installed to WordPress.

Total distance: 19.72 km
Max elevation: 395 m
Min elevation: 177 m
Total climbing: 1012 m
Total descent: -1009 m
Average speed: 10.16 km/h
Total Time: 01:59:14

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