Juggling club keyrings

Next Wednesday will be my goodbye party at Glasgow Juggling Club. Since I’ve been doing a lot of turning recently I thought I should get round to making some juggling club keyrings as gifts for the guys I’m leaving behind. It’s a project I’ve been meaning to do for ages and I had the mini eye pins and keyrings ready. I chose pine because it turns easily so I could get them finished in a day. The grain is also really nice!

I used a 4 jaw chuck to hold the blank in the headstock and a live centre on the tail stock. After completing most of the shaping I ‘cut’ the wood and the knob end of the club and move the tail stock out of the way. I didn’t use the parting tool to completely separate the club, instead, I took the whole piece of wood out of the chuck and cut it with a bandsaw. Finally I used a disc sander to tidy up the end. I needed to get myself one of those skinny parting tools but until then I trust my bandsaw and disc sander to do a cleaner removal! I used the morse taper drill chuck in the live end to make a small pilot hole for the eye pin screw that connects the club to the keyring.

I used relatively coarse sand paper (120 grit) and single coat of mineral oil as the finish. I don’t think beeswax would have lasted given the application and it would have also added time to the making process. I need to invest in a wider variety of finishes, I think I a good lacquer might be valuable for a projects but like this. However, I need to educate myself further on this topic! On the whole, I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

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