Dumfries to Sanquhar cycle ride

I needed to drop off and pick up some wood from someone at Sanquhar so it seemed like a good excuse to get the road bike out for a long trip. I spent 2 hours chatting so that should be taking off my time!

Total distance: 111.35 km
Max elevation: 337 m
Min elevation: 60 m
Total climbing: 2646 m
Total descent: -2647 m
Average speed: 21.24 km/h
Total Time: 07:19:23

Glenkiln heart rate monitor test

The Glenkiln loop that starts from Dumfries is my favourite road ride just now. This isn’t the fastest time I’ve made it round but it was the first time I have tried it while wearing my new heart rate monitor.

Total distance: 39.54 km
Max elevation: 217 m
Min elevation: 9 m
Total climbing: 487 m
Total descent: -488 m
Average speed: 26.65 km/h
Total Time: 01:29:03

Omega Man Unicycling

This video was a one man job.  I rode, filmed and edited! I’m not happy with the colour balance and exposure from some of the shots so I’ll need to work on that. I have lots of practice using my Canon EOS M for photos but not videos. It was filmed at the Omega Man at the end of the Red Route in Ae Forest.

sub-2 hours Ae Red Route on a unicycle

One of my unicycling goals has been to do the whole red route (no sneaky shortcuts) in less than two hours. Unlike the two-wheel cyclists on Strava I start the clock from the car park next to the cafe, not the one along the short drive. This is not so I have an excuse for the extra minutes on my time compared to theirs, it’s because my parents like to have their lunch at the cafe! I will do a longer unicycling post sometime soon but I wanted to test out the fancy new GPX viewer I installed to WordPress.

Total distance: 19.72 km
Max elevation: 395 m
Min elevation: 177 m
Total climbing: 1012 m
Total descent: -1009 m
Average speed: 10.16 km/h
Total Time: 01:59:14