Mountain Unicycling

When I was about 12, I wanted a unicycle for my Christmas. My parents indulged me, probably thinking I would never learn or loose interest quickly but by the summer I had grown tall enough to reach the pedals properly (don’t ask me why we didn’t just trim the seatpost!) and was wobbling round the neighbourhood. For a year or so, that was that, I cycled and improved my balance and technique. One day I was looking at unicycling on the internet when I suddenly discovered people road them along trails as mountain bikers do. It didn’t take much persuading for my parents to by me my first mountain unicycle from and join them when they went cycling. Since then I have bought two more mountain unicycles. My latest one has a disc brake and a 29″ wheel allowing me to go further than the 24″ unicycles.

Normally I don’t go out with a camera but over the years I have had a few videos taken of my riding. Below I have embedded some of my favourites.

Mugstock Festival

Representing Glasgow Juggling Club I have been invited to the Mugstock Festival a few times. It’s the perfect opportunity to mess around and I love this film shot and edited by the talented Sean Corbett!


Discovering the selfie-stick

I used to look down on selfie-sticks… until I started playing with one!


Muni in Mabie

I was 15 when I made this film. The Kona Darkside doesn’t really exist any more, it’s in a terrible state of disrepair. With that said, I think my days of north-shore riding like this are over anyway! This video contains one of the few proper crashes I ever had on a unicycle (my right thigh still has a small scar from where it met the platform).


The Edge at Ae Forest

This is a favourite section of track I love to ride.


Mabie Forest

A long descent at Mabie Forest. Youtube’s stabaliser gives quite a trippy effect!