I enjoy making things and it is a great way to acquire new skills. Learning about electronics, microcontrollers and coding as a teenager opened up many possibilities for interesting contraptions. As I have become interested in other hobbies and crafts I have also learned to use 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines and wood-working tools (the lathe being my favourite).  Before I was interested in making my own juggling balls I had barely used a sewing machine in my life (Home Education at school being the only time) but once I had a reason to learn I stuck with it. The sewing machine is now one of my most used tools!

Many of the projects require materials to manufactured by machines controlled by computers. To design the parts my go-to tool is OpenSCAD, a coding based parametric modeller. A well designed file can be manipulated using only a few variables which everything else is defined by. As an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student I learned and enjoy using traditional 3D modellers like Creo but for my personal projects I prefer OpenSCAD because it is easier to share your work with the world.

In this section there are pages on some of the things I have made. There are also posts on this website for stuff I wanted to share but didn’t think warranted an entire page: