Rolling Ball Sculptures

I got very interested in Rolling Ball Sculptures as a teenager. Not having access to welding or brazing equipment, I explored other materials that didn’t need any fancy equipment. To my knowledge, my sculptures are the only ones to have ever been made from bamboo chopsticks! It’s a cheap material and not too difficult to work with. My construction method was to strip the plastic insulation from garden wire and then use pliers to tight metal around the skewers to join them. The first one I made was the tallest but the second had two tracks. I spent countless hours making them over the summer (school holidays were the best) and I think the results were good.

They were featured on the online version of the Make blog and also in the printed magazine (Make: Vol 13, pg 24 – the link to the online magazine may not work). I was sent a complementary copy of the magazine, liked it so much I have subscribed ever since! Incidentally, I would love a printed of the first 12 issues…

The Original Bamboo Rolling Ball Sculpture


Dual-Track Bamboo Rolling Ball Sculpture