Juggling at Mugstock – photo by Martin Windebank

I have been juggling since I was a young teenager, it always appealed as something to challenge myself. The satisfaction from learning to mastering a trick is hard to describe! I joined Glasgow Juggling Club after starting university and am currently the president.  The benefit of a club is being able to pass (throw stuff to/at each other) and getting inspiration from other jugglers. There are also friendly rivalries that keep you on your toes and stop you progress from stagnating! The British Juggling Convention is an annual event I enjoy attending as part of the strong contingent from GJC that have been for the past few years.

At the start of 2016 I started making juggling balls, to find out more about that visit my page on JJ Balls.

Below are some juggling related videos I have made:

4 Club Slowmo

Testing a new sports camera with some slow motion club juggling.

JJ Garden Juggling

This video is a bit old now and the camera quality isn’t great but I had fun making it.

Glasgow Juggling Club slows down

More slow motion antics.

BJC 2016 Timelapse

A timelapse from the BJC 2016 in Perth, Scotland.

GJC and a selfie stick

A silly video of me causing trouble at GJC with a selfie stick.

Glasgow Juggling Club timelapse

A night at the juggling club compressed to 38 seconds.