Outdoor Journal

These documents are my record of the outdoor activities for each year since 2015. They came about from my to desire to present the photographs I take with some context so I don’t forget the little details (like the name of the hill I climbed). The original photobook idea morphed into something more text heavy than originally planned but I enjoy writing the entries so it will continue for the foreseeable future. The intended audience is myself, family and friends but I thought the journal might be of interest to others, so enjoy! 🙂

Most of the entries are about hill walking but there is also mountain unicycling, fell running, water sports and a few other special trips. Since I am lucky enough to live in Scotland with its wonderful wilderness the majority of the trips are somewhere in our bonnie countryside.

Outdoor Journal 2015The first year of the journal was a good one, many of the trips were blessed with beautiful weather. Unfortunately the year ended with one of the wettest November and December I can remember. Still, it set the tone of things to come!




Outdoor Journal 20152016 was the year I first did The West Highland Way and is definitely the most memorable trip. It was also the year I first visited Arran which was spectacular.





The Outdoor Journal 2017Outdoor Journal 2017 is the shortest one so far. At the start of the summer I moved to Dumfries for a few months before starting a new job in England. The quantity of trips suffered but the expeditions at the start of the year were cracking!