Wooden Bear Skin Rug

Sometimes you see something and instantly know you have to make it! I fell in love with this instructable by KeithDecent at first sight. This is what I said in my comment:

Thanks very much for the idea and tutorial! 🙂 I liked the size and layout of yours so I copied it exactly for my sister’s Christmas present.

I just used pine from a hardware store and cut it up with table saw and thickness planer.

If anyone is planning to try it (and you should!)
1) make extra pieces, especially if you’re using wood like pine were there are lots of defects
2) it takes ages! It’s been practically a full time job for the last few days 😂
3) be careful not to pinch yourself when flattening the rug out… It nips!

Thanks again for the brilliant instructable. I watched the video a few times and it was the perfect mix of humour, technical information and explanation.

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